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HI People

I've had to open up a new blog account cos the other has over a 100 blogs, is that weird or what. Anyway here is the latest stuff to add to the Crazydave files, its kind of self explanitory. A letter from the council and the inevitable reply. the main question I have is that if the European Court had a fast track service for some of the complaints would I be in this position today, or would I be in court for sentencing tomorrow??????????? the 5th Sept. 2008.

The complaints of Criminal Negligence has been in their hands since sept 2007. Yet I have heard nothing???????????????????

Here are the latest letters then, to be added to my other blogs on the Welsh Assembly the Crazydave Files

I have received the following from Cardiff County Council on the 23/08/08.

Application No 08/01960/W
Date 21/08/2008
Please ask for/ Peter Kingsbury

Dear Sir/Madam

Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Town and Country Planning (general Development Procedure) Order 1995

Location: 17 blah de blah de blah
Applicant: Mr. n Mrs blah de blah

A planning application has been submitted to my department which may affect you.

You can look at the application and the plans at the City Hall Reception (Main Entrance. Room 139) from 8.30 Am and 4/45 pm Monday to Thursday and until 4.15 pm on Fridays. Please quote the application reference number located at the top of the letter to reception staff. You will not necessarily be able to see a Planning Officer without an appointment.

Only occupiers near the application site are being notified but anyone is welcome to comment. Please tell the owner of your property about the proposal if you are the tenant, or other occupiers if you share a property.

Please write to me within 21 days of the date of this letter if you have any comments that you wish the Council to take into account before a decision is made. Please note that your letter will be open to public inspection. You should enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you wish to be informed of the decision.
Yours faithfully

Phil Williams

PLEASE REPLY TO: Development Control Strategic Planning & Environment, City Hall, Cardiff, CF10 3ND (e-mail: ) (internet: ).

Well You’ve guessed it I’ve got a cupla objections and so here we go.

To Phil Williams
Development Manager Cardiff County Council

Tues 2nd Sept. 2008

Hi Phil

I’ve had a letter informing me of a planning application for number 17 application number 08/01960/W and I have a couple of objections to make with regards the works to be undertaken without even having seen the proposal. I guess you will understand when I outline the objections.

Had I known what would have come to pass from the previous application with regards the house extension and the aviary building, I would have strongly objected to the works being carried out. Unfortunately hindsight is a rueful taskmaster.

I have placed a few videos on youtube with regards works undertaken by the occupiers of n17 use the search words iamcrazydave to access them. You will see the owners of n17 swanning around on the earth mover transforming the ground levels. It now appears from this letter of yours, that they have done so without gaining the required permission first.

What you will not see is the rubble that they have ploughed under 15a ground from tin sheeting to doors and a shed, and no-doubt there are other buckets that their last earth moving escapades did not bring back to the surface, to be later dumped into my back garden, after being in n15a possession these last 6 years. All done apparently, with the councils blessing. As various members from the chairman and his next in command received copies of the video and blog updates, along with Ministers at the Welsh Assembly, MP’s and various House of Lords members. With never a reply with regards to the goings on between n17 and 15a and myself.

I pity the person who will inevitably inherit 15a ground space and are keen gardeners. As not only will they now have clay soil to remove, they will also find that it has become a ground fill site for both n17 and 15a tenants.

Given the noise levels of the current aviary, how the people at the back of N17 on Appledoor Rd. can enjoy an evening out in their back gardens with the current volume made by the Parrots baffles me. See ‘The Return’ video for an example their dusk chorus. If someone had a dog that continually barked at this volume for this length of time on a daily basis, I am quite certain that the dog would have to be put down. Yet here we are facing even more of the same. I think that if your Mr. Berman lived next door to this racket, something would have been said and done about it quite some time ago.

Given that the occupiers of n17 have done everything that their warped minds can conceive of to make my life a misery over the last 6 years, some might say that I am bias in my views, but as it is likely that the games they like to play would continue with this new proposal I am strongly objecting to all the works mentioned in this application. So that I don’t have them placing Mr. Watkins wheelie bins on the path and blocking easy access to and from my home, when they had plenty of room to place them elsewhere, so that I don’t have earth scattered all over the path, or have their earth mover bashing my back fence because they think it’s a fun thing to do.

If someone from the planning department came to view the property today they would see that the footing have already been put in place for the next garden wall retention, again placed without permission. They will see that the ground levels of 15a and n17 have also been drastically altered. so that with the increase in rain fall that climate change seems to be bringing us, there is a continual runoff of clay coloured soil onto the pathway, as they have ploughed over the top soil of 15a with clay from n17 apparently with the occupier of 15a blessing.

Another reason for my objection is that the main labourer they have used for the majority of these works, over the last few years has been Mr. Fowler’s brother in law. As he has recently succeeded in a claim of common assault against me to which I will receive sentencing later this week. It would be adding insult to injury to have him working on site.

If anyone had ever cared to intervene earlier on my behalf, with regards to my harassment claim against Mr. Fowler and the occupier of 15a, then I would not have found myself in the invidious position last Easter Sunday, of having to confront this brother in law, who plainly did not care that he was distressing the tenant on the ground floor, with the 7th day on the trot of fitting a kitchen in 15a. Which ended in a physical confrontation, that sees me answering to a fictitious charge. What ever happened to beyond reasonable doubt??? When will Cardiff County Council acknowledge the Human Rights Act and the Right to the peaceful enjoyment of ones home??? and be stopped from letting properties that do not conform to minimum standards???

I would be grateful therefore, if all aspects of the application were declined, until such time that I can be adequately re-housed, something that the probation service has intimated that they will be able to assist me with. When everyone from the Welsh Assembly Government down has refused to do. Even though they were well aware of the harassment I have been living with from the occupiers of n17 and 15a, and the substandard property that the council have been allowed to let i.e. 15 and 15a.

Needless to say I will be appealing the conviction, but while it stands, I trust that due consideration will be given the contents of this letter in order to forestall any further works taking place. So that I do not have to suffer the indignity of these bastards walking about on land that I once cultivated, and that they have wilfully destroyed.

I do have photographic and other video evidence not placed on youtube or blogger that is available should it be required, like the placement of bins etc. The Blogger details are where my efforts at publicizing some of these issues are placed.

All the Best

David Gabriel 15 blah de blah


Well today I received sentencing 50hrs community service and a fine thats going to cause some hardship, plus a supervision order for 1 year. All because no-one was willing to offer me any protection from harassment or sub-standard council housing, eh chief constable?????????????

The big question is will my appeal succeed????????

I handed the letter into city hall today, on my way to the court, pity they will not allow you to take cameras in there, or I would have shot some more of the river Taff in full flood today and the aditional defences that the environment agency placed being totally ineffective against the river in full flood. Oh what a waste of energy, and the so-called expert that Richard Evans had on his BBC Radio Wales show might just have had a re-think if he ever got his backside down to blackweir, let alone all the other potential sites for water wheels to be placed on the river. Given that not to many people use it having one bank for an extended length of the river devoted to water wheels and we'd have even greater electrical generation.

All the Best from Crazydave.


You know some of the questions I would really like answered in my appeal is how come the allegations that I made under caution have never been followed up as far as I am aware?????????????? Lets take the 'Criminal Negligence by the Welsh Assembly Government' for one ' Lets take the harassment by the tenants of n17 and 15a' for another. Maybe if the Chief Constable had her officers investigating that then this prosecution would never have taken place, maybe they might just have had the imaginative leap that indeed, the tenant of 15a had allowed this workman access to the flat on Easter Sunday as one more thing to piss me off with, much like when I got home last night and had his latest visitor tap tap tapping away on a work surface that penetrates oh so irratably on my nerves. So I put on the radio to block it out, have a little music to tap to Mr.


So yes what 30th March 2008 those type 0f allegations were made under caution along with the victimisation by Cardiff County Council and one Rodney Berman, and still I am housed in this below minimum standard for sound insulation property, and peaceful enjoyment legislation enshrined in the Human Rights Act can go swanny.

What I wonder is, will I be fobbed off at the appeal with the ole this is not relevant to the charge twaddle. Some questions might also be raised regarding the Record of the interview, that the constable dealing with the arrest has allowed to pass before the court and the mis-representation of the blog site details, that were in error three times and the fact that the solicitor engauged to re-present me failed to point out to the court that error?????????????????????/////

Well that this update do I really have to print this off and send it to the European Court or are they keeping abreast of all the blogs and videos that I have produced??????????????

Love n Light seems like a remote dream today Crazydave. Yep it sure does. While I havent sent this blog to the Usual Suspect heavens what good has that ever done me, I am kinda tempted to. Or maybe I will be able to ask them about their refusal to get involved at some Public Inquiry???????????

Some of my latest video url's over a variety of topic:
Here's the one that wouldn't upload previously makes you wonder about freedom of expression officer collusion officer???

Froggy getting the bronzing treatment

Video for Bill Gates heck you've got the investment money Bill

Environment agency didn't take into account the rise in the river at Blackweir

More on the environment agency screwing up Free Electricity for everybody

Finally for today song for the Welsh Assembly 'We Gorra Rock Down to the Welsh Assembly'

Love n Light From Crazydave Yeah 'dealing in multiplication and they still carn't house everyone!!!'

OPPS NEARLY FORGOT there is a new fascility on youtube thaty allows for annotations so I upgraded one of the Leanne Woods videos I am sure that the Welsh Assembly government will not approve


Hi people, last weds the 10th Sept 2008 I met four of the Whitchurch Ward county Councillors, at the Library there, the convesation was about my contacting the 75 of them twice, and only 5 replies none of which were from any of my Ward Councillors, but there you go. Of course Protocol forbids them getting involved even if some of the issues I have been attempting to raise would affect their constituents, its tough titty if one of there's will not raise it then they would turn a blind eye. Protocol 'the politians get out of jail free card' especially in cases of institutionalised victimisation, or criminal neglience.

That's rateable value issues on houses of multiple occupancy that alot of Housing Associations have, as well as the private tenants in receipt of housing benefit.

Apparently the District Valuer does that, and my reply is 'As a public body the council has a duty of care to see that the district Valuer doesn't take the piss' especially out of its vulnerable adults. But then they havent really taken anything I've ever said seriously.

Like the £30 million in rent rebates on the Councils Rent Revenue Account. One of the 3 new all about profit n loss accounts, and after I explained the situation and he attempted to assert that there would be no difference he did actually say 'your asserting that there is a £30 million fraud going on?' Oh yes indeedy!!! over the last Ten years it would ammount to a £300 million fiddle. But what about the District Auditor and the LGO well, I guess government said oh this is how we keep this account and you had better audit it this way. Once again for the num-nuts 'councils do not pay out rent rebates' neither will housing associations or private landlords with tenants in receipt of housing benefit show any rent rebates on their accounts, because the government pay 95% and the council top up 5% which in no way should show on its rent revenue account, because it wouldn't if the tenants were housed as a Trust or as Housing Association tenants.

What they said they would do is raise the issue that none of my Ward Councillors had been in touch or visit me. Well that is something at least. Since that meeting and wishing to get all this out of my life I've sent a Freedom of Information request for the emails of all the Standards and Ethics committtee members so that I can send them copies of blogs and videos, and have a face to face meeting in order to get the ball rolling so that Serious Questions are asked about the do nothing chairman of Cardiff County Council, and see what happens next.

I've also sent an email to all members of the Sustainability Committee of the Welsh Assembly government, not that it will do me much good with copies of some of my recent videos regarding Blackweir and the Water Wheel, so far noones been intouch but its early days. Not that they will Crazydave, nope especially seeing as Leanne Wood is on that committee, I didn't send that URL to them, but most of them know me from my protests anyway.

Apart from all that I've been to the community service place for induction today and if you are signed off sick apparently you should not be going there. Funny how they havent let the magistrates know that???? I wonder how many get sent then refered back and never have to go again???? I would have liked to have a go at making the Rocking Horse, or heck couldn't they manufacture lots of my Froggie sculptures there??????????????

Update over, Love n Light Crazydave


Hi Everybody

I've since had a reply from Timothy Davies one of the four councillors met in the above, the other's I've since found out are Linda Morgan, Mike Jones-Pritchard and Brian Griffiths, all four are Conservative Party members of Cardiff County Council just so that we all know, given what I have written and videoed regarding the Conservative parties local Welsh Assembly member.

Anyway here is a copy of the letter dated the 17th Sept 2008

Dear mr. Gabriel

Following your visit to the Whitchurch Councillors Ward surgery I have investigated the matter you raised, specifically 30.52 M appearing as rent rebates in the 2000 - 2001 Housing revenue Account, appearing as expenditure.

I am satisfied this is in order and that there is no irregularity in the accounts.

rent rebates now so not appear in the Housing revenue Account but are part of the Housing General Fund, this was the decision of the Welsh Assembly.

I now consider the matter is closed and will not respond to any further issues you have on this matter. I have also advised the local Councillors that we suggested you should contatct them for any additional Ward issues you have.

Yours sincerely
Timothy Davies

That is one amazing letter isn't it, there isn't according to Timothy any irregularities in the 2000-2001 account, yet the Welsh Assembly has seen fit to insure that these ficticious 'Rent Rebates' nolonger appear in the Rent Revenue Accounts??? Curious Crazydave, you betcha! More questions that answers!

Like, 'When did the Welsh Assembly first make this recommendation?' Was it after good ole Crazydave painted his 'When are the Fraud Squad gonna investigate Cardiff County Councils Rent Revenue Account Chief Constable' banner?

Like, Given that there appears to be a questioning of that practice, what about all the money that has been syphoned off that account prior to this change is it gonna be re-imburst???

Like, 'Can I have a set of accounts for the Rent Revenue Account now that they don't have rent rebates in them? But will Timothy be willing to forward them to me, given that he feel its the end of the matter? Are they on the Councils web site, so that anyone can access them?

Like, I have emailed my Ward Councillors twice this year yet none have responded what more have I to do, visit their homes??? I thought that was another something that the 4 were gonna be chasing up on my behalf.

I have found out today that Timothy is a member of the Ethics n Standards Committee, and I am still waiting to have that freedom of information request to be fullfilled, regarding the email address of all members of that committee to be forwarded to me. As I was hoping to send them copies of my blog details and videos prior to their 23rd of Sept 2008 meeting. But that seems unlikely now.

Well there are other questions but they will have to wait another day.

Love n Light people from Crazydave


Hi People here are some of my latest video urls placed on youtube I have had a little trouble uploading a couple and I am not sure is my digital camera isn't on the blink but here are the ones uploaded. Some deal with the continuing escapades of the Environment Agency and others are about the Rent Revenue account for all those people who don't have time for reading or who cannot read but watch videos on youtube.

The Environment Agency videos

The Rent Revenue Account vids

I have also sent an email to the Standards and Ethics Committee people I did meet on the 23rd Val Davies and Kate Berry Its a pity that Anne Rowland-James who is another member of that committee didn't wish to speak to me there, although she know very well who I am. I sent Val and Kate a copy of the emails sent to their connect2cardiff service, which have yet to be replied to first sent on the 12th sept 2008. Well maybe just maybe there will be some kind of investigation into that as well as this frigging Rent Revenue Account.

Plus I have sent an email to regarding the Child Poverty Consultation Document where I pointed out my blog site and the videos on youtube and asked a coupla questions heck heres a copy of it:

Hi Joanne

I've had a read therough the document, and there are a couple of things that I find odd and some things I would like to recommend.

First, for those who like myself do not know what 'below 60% of the median income (after Housing costs) means is it possible to put the actual income figure. i.e. £5,000 or what ever?

Second, I have been attempting to offer the Welsh Assembly Government solutions to Adult Poverty, which they have so far strenuously resisted. You will find details of these at my blog site bibliography on and other videos on youtube search words iamcrazydave which will give you the choice of over 280 videos, and the ones that I am to add this coming week really ought to have a public inquiry into, as well as that of my blogs.

Finally I found the document to be repetative, and with no concrete proposals, just more consultations. You would have thought that since 2005 they would have had some programes in place that we could lok at, that they believe are working.

I do hope that you lok at a cross section of the videos but I must forwarn you that some of the language in both blogs and videos might cause the prudish to cry outrage. While the wise will see the real points that are being made.

All the Best David Gabriel aka Crazydave aka Daoud Jibreel

Sorry about the spelling mistakes but I was in a rush ok. But wouldn't you like to know what below 60% of the Median really frigging means?????????yep!yep!yep I would.

End of update question should I send this to the usual suspects??????????????? It didn't do me any good in the past so what would make a difference now???